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NFTs that Earn Interest



Who we are

Welcome to BanterBucks, the crypto for the people.

Our utility tokens, BBT or BBWF, are your ticket to the BanterVerse, a world of endless possibilities. Crypto is not just an investment, it's a statement of financial independence. Take back control of your wealth and protect it from the inflation that inevitably results from government financial mismanagement.

With BanterBucks, you have the power to make a difference. Use BBT or BBWF for goods and services, earn rewards, remit payments, and even mint your own NFTs. The BanterVerse is your playground, and the BBT and BBWF tokens are your keys.


Holders of staked BanterBucks NFTs (BBWFs) will receive steady fixed rate interest.
The 6% Buy & Transfer fees, 12% sell fee (exempt on exchange partners) fund the reflections.
Staked holder Interest rates break down to:

The rates are mathematically enforced reflecting time of launch rounded down

why Choose us

Why choose our BanterBucks Token

Community Growth

We are a community, our size entices projects to come pitch us on investing.

Degen Early Investing

We aim to help projects launch successfully; building value for all parties transparently.

Reflection Reward+

BanterBucks staked holders receive distribution opportunities at a discounted prices in projects voted into the treasury.

Boosted Staking Rewards

Not just a reflection protocol; incentivize liquidity providers in market making pools.
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  • Fund Vault: 10%
  • Post Listing Sale: 15%
  • Pink Listing: 33%
  • Liquidity: 25%
  • Valuation Round: 5.5%
  • Bounty & Campaign: 7.5%
  • Project Members: 2.5%
  • Advisors & Partners: 1.5%
Token Prices

PinkSale Concluded

1 BNB = 450,757,483.2

Converting your BanterBucks buy purchasing the NFTs cards unlocks the ability to earn interest while simultaneously burning 20% and locking up 70% in the vault, leaving only 10% for marketing and operational cost. This insures that the token supply is deflationary and that the yield generated is rewarded on both PATIENCE and PARTICIPATION. Holders of the BBWFs gain voting rights and Reflection Rewards+.

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1 BNB = 10 million BBT

1 MATIC = 25000 BBT

launching on DEXES like PancakeSwap, QuickSwap and/ or Uniswap at an attractive ratio of 1 BNB to 10 million BBT and 1 MATIC to 40000 BBT. Also unlocks enhanced interest earning coupled with seamless network transactions. Convert BBT tokens for amplified BBWF NFT earnings. Explore the White Paper for details.

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Our Roadmap

BanterBucks Ecosystem
Projected Plan

March 2021

Solve a question of ease of entry and transparency in crypto investing experience. Particularly on boarding when first entering the market.
Spring 2024

Begin Cloud Mining Sale. Unveil Artificial General Intelligence Investing AGII
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Frequently asked questions

BanterBucks completed a successful fair launch on pinksale and will be trading on PancakeSwap shortly. To grab yourself some BANTERBUCKS use only OUR official links from the website. Just connect your wallet and buy with BNB. You can buy on PancakeSwap or DexView which have a 6% fee. Set your slippage to 7%-8% or you can buy from the vault where it is a 3% fee but a limit of 1 BNB worth

BanterBucks is a decentralized distributed consensus organization powered by both the Matic network and the Binance Smart Chain, that aims to revolutionize how organizations are run by enabling decentralized decision making, collaboration, and sharing of resources. The ethos is to create an asset class that over time grows to be an active storage of wealth and collateral for borrowing against.

BanterBucks' mission is to champion 'crypto for the people, by the people,' fostering economic and social innovation by empowering those who are unbanked or marginalized, often excluded from traditional early investment opportunities. We achieve this by facilitating decentralized decision-making, collaboration, and resource-sharing, making financial inclusion a reality for everyone creating an asset that leverages time invested over timing the market.BanterBucks' mission is to be 'crypto for the people by the people', creating new economic and social innovation opportunities by enabling decentralized decision-making, collaboration, and sharing of resources.

Infinite banking involves using a life insurance policy to create a private banking system, where the policy owner becomes their own banker. Similarly, BanterBucks utilizes infinite banking protocols to generate a consistent income stream and create wealth over time where the token replaces the policy that grows uninterrupted.

Algorithmic trading bots are computer programs that can execute trades on behalf of BanterBucks, taking advantage of market inefficiencies and executing trades at high speed.